Timmy! – Vehicle in 2 Days


Now that I had a working motor controller, it was now time to make the actual vehicle.

The goal of this vehicle was to make something that might be remotely useful as a commuting vehicle (LOL).

The main components were the wheelchair motors, a racecar seat and steering column left over from a previous MITERS vehicle (Frozen Chainsaw Masacre), and a large quantity of steel 1″x1″ tubing.


A bit of welding, zipties and duct tape later, it was all ready to go!

Because of the nature of the low side chopper, the vehicle has amazing acceleration, but still a slow top speed (~8mph). As a result, we had to weld on wheelie bars so the cart wouldn’t flip over.


Overall, for a vehicle made in 2 days, I would call it a great success, and it’s a lot of fun to derp around in.

*Note although the electronics may look sketchy, they were all dealt with properly and are somewhat waterproofed (enough for riding around on a normal day)


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