Tiny Kart 2.0


After finishing the hilarious contraption, Timmy, I felt I needed a much faster and lighter vehicle so I could actually ride it to class.

Still sticking with the theme of only using parts lying around MITERS, I got started on a Friday morning.

I found a nice piece of 2″x2″ aluminum box tubing and decided to use it for the main chassis component.

For steering, I just decided to copy an existing tiny kart we had in MITERS with simple non-Ackermann steering.


Lots of chips were made.

The front steering wheels were just scooter wheels bolted to some more box tubing, and the steering column was just a piece of 3/4″ steel shaft we had left over from Frozen Chainsaw Masacre (chainsaw powered power wheels car). The seat and steering bars were taken from an old bike lying around.

Finally, to propel the vehicle, I used an old electric skateboard truck. It used an SK3 (5065) and a HTD belt with CNCd and 3d printed pulleys.

As usual, I tried to keep electronics as simple as possible. Thus old Battlebot parts were perfect for the job! I used a 3s lipo to power logic which consisted of an arduino to read the hall output from the thumb throttle. Originally I used a 6s lipo to power the drive ESC (160A Dlux) but have since upgraded to 8s (more speed!).

Somehow I managed to finish this by Sunday, keeping up with my weekend long project timeline.

Tiny kart is capable of going about 25mph at full speed and makes going back and forth to MITERS/class a breeze.




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