Cheat Sheet Build Log


In between studying for finals last semester, I decided to start working on a new 1lb inspired by Jamison’s DDT.

DDT is one of the top ranked antweights in the world and is a ton of fun to watch as it bounces and flies around the arena. It’s also unique because it’s printed on the Markforged and uses a variety of structural material. Some of the more recent versions have included, carbon fiber infused nylon (Onyx), as well as kevlar reinforced nylon.

I tried to print it before leaving for winter break, but things didn’t go to plan:


Luckily, the prize from last Mass Destruction was Markforged printing time, so what better way to clone DDT than by Markforging my frame too!


The frame went together within an hour (after printing for 36 hours!), only involving 2 pressfits (weapon shaft supports) and a handful of tapped holes. Sadly, the robot ended up being extremely overweight, coming in at 1lb 6oz. I talked to Jamison about it, and in the end we found that all the additional weight came from the frame. It turns out, that the frame was printed at pretty high infill, with 2 layers of kevlar border on every single slice.

Another print later, with carefully placed carbon fiber with Jamison’s help, as well as a little aesthetic pizazz and this appeared!


Unfortunately, it still ended up being 3oz overweight and didn’t compete at Mass Destruction this past weekend, but V3 is in the works!

It certainly is very energetic


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