New Ricochet!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures during this build process so this post is rather mundane.

I kept the modularity consistent so all old modules still work with the new chassis.

The new chassis is much more compact, due to better electronics layout, as well as the return of small brushless motors for drive. My previous version had trouble with pinions slipping because they were brass pinions pressed onto shaft (after being removed from a previous shaft!). The new fix was to take the entire shaft and pinion out of the brushed motor and press the shaft/pinion combo into the brushless motor. It seems to be working great so we’ll find out at the next competition!

The other change is finally a new wedge! I’d used the same wedge on Ricochet from the start almost 2 years ago, but it finally broke which gave me chance to make a new one!

Photo Feb 18, 8 20 21 AMThe new one is welded/bent Ti with a completely smooth outward face. It makes the wedge lighter and hopefully just as strong as the nutstripped old one.

Photo May 30, 5 51 40 PM


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