Square-Yo V2

I’d previously made a 3d printed square yo-yo as a joke freshman year but I decided it was time to take it seriously. I learned one key feature in the last iteration; where the squareness is matters a lot. So although the outside of the body is very square, the inside is circular, resulting in a very high performance silly yoyo.


First step preparing the stock!

Photo Sep 01, 1 49 19 PM (1)

Photo Sep 01, 2 04 18 PM

2 nice and shiny blanks.


As usual this required at least two setups but I decided to use the squareness to my advantage because I was milling the yoyo. First I made the cups:

Photo Sep 01, 3 47 43 PMPhoto Sep 01, 4 09 22 PM

Followed by the body:

Cam2Photo Sep 02, 10 39 08 AM

Photo Sep 02, 6 31 13 PM

One issue with making a square yo-yo is that the clocking of the halves matters. Typically the aluminum body of yoyos is tapped and a set screw threads into both halves as an axle, but I just drilled through holes, and used nuts to allow for the right clocking.

This was definitely the best yo-yo I’ve made at MITERS, primarily because it’s so much easier to make square things on a mill! haha


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