PMTH V1.9.3

PMTH193.pngAfter finishing up with Road Rash and Battlebots Season 2, I was still eager to continue making Battlebots and so I decided to delve into the world of small robots.

I figured a beetleweight (3lber) would be a pretty good size, balancing excitement, as well as cost.

I ended up just using leftover parts and miscellaneous odds and ends I found around campus.

For drive it used some “great” BO-P5 Vigor motors and gearboxes, paired with vextrollers; all scavenged from old 2.007 (MIT robotics competition class) robots. The wheels, sprockets, and chain all came from the carcass of the original PMTH.

The battery was a huge 2.2 ah 3s lipo I had leftover from Speakerbot.

Lastly, the weapon motor and esc came off of my roommate’s old quadcopter.

Originally, the robot used an old 1/8″ titanium disk we found lying around MITERS, but it was quickly replaced by a much heavier 1/2″ thick, 7″ effective diameter steel bar.



Epic video: