The week before Mass Destruction, I still felt like 5 robots was not enough and so inspired by the nice I-Cat Fly Rotor 5010 size motor Ben Katz gave me, I decided to make the derpiest shell spinner to fit into the PMTH family.

Of course it was all waterjet and t-nutted for maximum laziness.

“Final CAD model”


The basic idea was that I would waterjet rings for the shell, bolt them together and then bolt AR500 teeth to the outside.


The shell would be direct driven (bolted to the can of the outrunner), supported by bearings besides the anemic ones inside the motor itself.

I also ran out of motors that I usually use for drive and so this resulted in brushless nonsense.


2 1000kv brushless outrunners driven pretty much 1:1 with 1″ LiteFlights. OH YEAH!


The underside

Somehow it actually managed to work, but weighed 4lbs and didn’t compete.