Trashmaster was another one of those derpy robots where one thing keeps leading to another and eventually a robot appears.

For some reason, I really wanted to use drill motors for a robot, and so I ended up designing my own 3d printed housing to take a 3 stage planetary drill gearmotor and turn it into a 2 stage one.

I then milled panels out of UHMW/HDPE/WhateverThickWhitePlasticWasOnTheMITERSShelf and ended up with a box on wheels.

The electronics were from the remains of the original PMTH, complete with Sabertooth controller.

Weighing 5 lbs, I decided to enter it into the next Mass Destruction. Fortunately the night before the competition, Alex Horne and Kyle Singer came over to MITERS and had some great ideas. We took the nicest dustpan we had at MITERS, drilled two holes in it, and screwed it to the front of Trashmaster. We then ziptied a brush to the back. Voila! 7lber competing in the 12lb class.

It even fits on the dustpan hook!