More YoYos!

These projects were worked on throughout the semester but with no free time, I haven’t been able to write about them individually as I’ve been working on them

When I first came back from the summer, I was determined to make some high performance ROUND aluminum yoyos for myself.

With the success of the Boost, my design the YoYoFactory produced earlier this year (which I then used to win Nationals and place 2nd at Worlds 🙂   ), YoYoFactory gave me the go ahead to design a new yo-yo.

This time, the goal was to maintain the high performance characteristics of the Boost (ie: long spin time, stability, weight, etc), but at a cheaper pricepoint ($45 compared to $75).

Thus the development of the Flyback commenced

As usual, I only have access to CNC mills, so making round objects is rather tricky and time consuming. In particular machining a round object of a yo-yo requires refixturing, and machining all sides of this round part so it’s rather tricky.

The first operation is simple

photo oct 07, 10 31 25 amphoto oct 07, 9 49 00 amphoto oct 07, 10 27 34 am

The tricky part comes with refixturing this piece and machining the opposite side. I’m still experimenting with the best methods, but this time I opted for using a 3d printed fixture, where I superglued and bolted the yo-yo to a cavity mold that I printed on a Stratysys

photo oct 07, 11 01 09 amphoto oct 07, 11 06 49 pm

Machining was rather straightforward and I was happy with the result. The yo-yo turned out very nice, and although it wasn’t quite perfectly manufactured, it still served it’s purpose in showing me the design.

photo oct 07, 7 46 00 pmphoto oct 07, 8 03 25 pmphoto oct 07, 11 06 46 pmphoto oct 08, 11 02 54 amphoto oct 08, 12 55 59 pm

A couple tweaks and I had the design to send out to the manufacturer in China

photo jan 10, 7 30 20 pm

Now the Flyback is almost ready for its release this upcoming Spring!

Another project I worked on and off for fun was the return of high performance square yo-yos. I was extremely happy with the progress on the aluminum square yoyo I had made earlier, (which YoYoFactory and I are currently working on producing as well), but I wanted to make some more fun ones while experimenting with some other machining practices.

First step: Acrylic yo-yo!

I know it sounds like a terrible idea because acrylic is rather brittle, and yo-yos (especially square ones which bite into surfaces) have to be durable, but I had just received a large chunk of acrylic and I was curious.

The acrylic milled beautifully, leaving an optically clear surface

photo dec 06, 1 56 02 pmphoto dec 17, 6 02 29 pmphoto dec 14, 1 46 11 pmphoto dec 14, 1 46 14 pm

The yo-yo was too light so I pressed in some aluminum weight rings

photo dec 14, 2 12 45 pmphoto dec 14, 2 12 42 pm

I gave this yo-yo as a gift to a professor and I’m happy to say that I watched him slam the yo-yo into the ground for about an hour and it’s still intact and sitting on his desk!

Along the same lines as the square acrylic yo-yo, I decided to make a polycarbonate one as well to see how it polycarb machined, and to make a more durable version. The polycarb left a slightly more frosted surface, so I made some shiny brass weight rings to enhance the appearance

photo dec 17, 9 48 42 pmphoto dec 13, 5 38 09 pm


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