2019 – End of Year

2019 was quite a busy year for me. I haven’t been updating my blog much due to a lack of time and energy, but I’ve done a lot of personal projects that I’m really proud of and I think pictures and short captions do these projects enough justice. So here it is, my 2019 whirlwind year in review.

I competed in Battlebots as the captain of Team Uppercut, where my team finished in the top 16 after losing to the eventual champion, Bite Force.

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Made a set of 3DOF bilaterally teleoperated robot forearms for my senior thesis

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Awkward video of my roommate and I testing them at 1am the day I finished them

Built a benchtop lathe with a 10000 rpm hub motor spindle made of a car air conditioner IPM motorPhoto May 13, 6 46 47 PM

I built a 3lb fully functioning version of Uppercut, dubbed Baby UppercutPhoto Jun 06, 11 36 02 AM

I finished my undergraduate degree, complete with functioning Battlebot spinner on my capPhoto Jun 07, 7 57 53 AM

Won my 7th consecutive national yo-yo title, with the yo-yo I designed, the Boost

Photo Jul 07, 6 03 51 PM

Made some square yo-yos, and then more, and then more

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Made an aluminum box for a yo-yo, complete with an integrated billet hinge and magnets for closing

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Figured out how to laser engrave yo-yos

Photo Sep 14, 9 03 10 AM

Made a 3DOF throwing arm to throw balls really fast, or play beer pong, complete with optimized throwing trajectories using Casadi and IPOPTPhoto Nov 25, 7 11 50 AM

Machined a brass and stainless keychain for funPhoto Nov 13, 9 30 04 PM

Made a stand for the Apple watch and charger out of brass, stainless, and abs

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Revived my 12lb lifter Battlebot, Mama Bear, with a new brushless lifterPhoto Oct 25, 3 39 08 PM

Made my best round yo-yo yet with an expanding ID arbor

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Machined some funky candle molds for a present

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Made a titanium ringed bimetal yo-yo for making pretty sparks

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Set up my lab’s Haas super mini mill and made a silly part inspired by Titans of CNCPhoto Dec 16, 11 35 09 AM

Got my square yo-yos produced in China, but they’re actually squircle yo-yos nowPhoto Nov 27, 8 39 21 PM

And ended the year by making a final Christmas tree ornament

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